PocketTV Enterprise Edition - Award-winning MPEG Movie Player (Windows Mobile 5 or 6 w/ touchscreen) for Pocket PC

Watch movies (.mpg or .mpeg files) in Fullscreen with unsurpassed quality. Convert your DVDs with available free tools. Get it for business or for fun (or both!).
PocketTV Enterprise Edition - Award-winning MPEG Movie Player (Windows Mobile 5 or 6 w/ touchscreen)

Version: 1.4.1

PocketTV Enterprise Edition - Award-winning MPEG Movie Player (Windows Mobile 5 or 6 w/ touchscreen) by: MpegTV LLC, last updated: 15/12/2005

Requirements: 500K to install and 3MB to run it. Additional storage for the .mpg files.

About PocketTV Enterprise Edition - Award-winning MPEG Movie Player (Windows Mobile 5 or 6 w/ touchscreen)

Award-winning PocketTV Enterprise Edition plays any MPEG movie file (.mpg or .mpeg) in Fullscreen on your Windows Mobile phone with unsurpassed quality. Free tools are available to convert your DVD's.This version will work on any Touch-screen Phone with Windows Mobile 5 or 6.If you have an older Pocket PC 2000, 2002, 2003 or 2003SE, you should download PocketTV Enterprise Edition for Pocket PC 2003 / 2003SE.PocketTV is optimized to take advantage of video accelerator hardware and can play video in VGA resolution (if your device has a VGA resolution display).Check our Simple Guide for making MPEG''s optimized for PocketTV on the PocketTV website. Many FREE tools are available to convert DVD's into MPEG's that you can play with PocketTV. Check the "make your own MPEGs" section.Unlimited free upgrades! Please go to the PocketTV website and read the PocketTV upgrade instructions first if you have already purchased PocketTV and want to install an upgrade.Update Description: Fixed display issue with Verizon Samsung i760. Added BlueTooth earphone synchronization. Added localization for German, Spanish and French. Worked around firmware bug on O2 xda zinc and some Eten devices. New OnLine menu. Fixed issues with button assignment. Improved button assignment dialog. Added support for Windows Mobile 5. Improved Toolbar in Landscape orientation. Fixed problem causing NavBar to disapear on XDA II and other devices. Added "Size > Fill Screen" and other new Size options. Numerous bug fixes. Added VGA and 2700G support for Dell Axim x50v. Improved performances on devices with ATI (e800, hx4700). Fixed hanging problem on Axim x30. Major performance improvement when scaling. Added fullscreen scaling. Added support for Dell Axim x30. Worked around a problem with OmegaOne Battery Pack. Worked around WM2003 bug with power suspend/resume. Added support for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. Better support for MyVGA and ResFix. Added ATI hardware decoding on Toshiba e800 series in VGA mode. Added support for ResFix 2.0a and NVD 3.5 on Toshiba e800 series. Added high-quality full-screen scaling (with VGA support) using ATI hardware on Toshiba e800 series and Hitachi G1000. Now works on the SYMBOL PPT8800. Can now save and email JPEG images from the movie. For details check the PocketTV Release Notes on the PocketTV website.Play or stream high quality MPEG video on your Windows Mobile phoneAward-winning PocketTV lets you play or stream any standard MPEG-1 file (extension .mpg or .mpeg) on your phone.Convert your DVD's to MPEG with FREE TOOLS!Go to the PocketTV website to check our Simple Guide for making MPEG's optimized for PocketTV!

PocketTV Enterprise Edition - Award-winning MPEG Movie Player (Windows Mobile 5 or 6 w/ touchscreen), compatible Devices

Att Cingular 8125, Att Cingular 8525, AT&T Palm Treo 750, AT&T Tilt, Acer n300, Acer n310, Acer N311, Alltel HTC PPC6800, Alltel Palm Treo 700wx, Alltel UTStarcom PPC6700, Asus Mypal A636, Asus Mypal A639, Asus P535, Audiovox Ppc 6700, BenQ P51, Dell Axim X51, Dell Axim X51v, Dopod 818 Pro, Dopod 838, Dopod 838 Pro, Dopod 900, Dopod D810, E-ten G500, E-TEN Glofiish M700, E-TEN Glofiish X500, E-ten M600, Fujitsu Pocket Loox C550, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N500, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N520, Fujitsu Pocket Loox N560, Fujitsu Pocket Loox T810, Fujitsu Pocket Loox T830, HP iPAQ 110, Hp Ipaq Hw6900 Series, HP iPAQ rw6815, HP iPAQ rw6828, Hp Ipaq Rx1950 Series, Hp Ipaq Rx5915, HTC Advantage X7500/7501, HTC Mogul, HTC P3300, HTC P3350, HTC P3600, HTC P4300, HTC P4350, HTC P6300, HTC Touch, Htc Touch Cruise, Htc Touch Dual, HTC TyTN, HTC TyTN II, HTC Wizard, LG KS20, Mio A201, Mio A701, Mio P350, Mio P550, O2 Xda Atom, O2 Xda Exec, O2 Xda Neo, O2 Xda Nova, O2 Xda Orbit, O2 Xda Terra, O2 Xda Trion, O2 Xda Mini S, Orange Spv M3000, Orange SPV M3100, Orange Spv M5000, Orange Spv M600, Orange SPV M700, Ppc-6700, Palm Treo 700wx, Palm Treo 750, Palm Treo 750v, Pharos GPS Phone 600, Pharos Traveler GPS 525+, Qtek 9000, Qtek 9100, Qtek 9600, Qtek G100, Qtek S200, Samsung I710, Samsung i760, Sprint HTC Mogul, Sprint Htc Touch, Sprint IP-830W, Sprint Palm Treo 700wx, T-mobile Mda, T-mobile Mda Compact Ii, T-Mobile MDA Compact III, T-mobile Mda Pro, T-mobile Mda Vario, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, T-Mobile Wing, UBiQUiO 401, UBiQUiO 501, UBiQUiO 503G, Verizon Palm Treo 700w, Verizon Palm Treo 700wx, Verizon Samsung i760, Verizon Xv6700, Verizon XV6800, Vodafone Vpa Compact Ii, Vodafone Vpa Iv, Vodafone v1605, Vodafone v1640, I-mate Jamin, i-mate JASJAM, I-mate Jasjar, I-mate K-jam, i-mate PDA-N

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